Effective but mediocre, ADrive is an online storage service that doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen before. The service provides three different storage plans, each with different storage space allotments, ranging from 50GB up to 1TB. Although it offers plenty of storage space, ADrive leaves much to be desired in terms of functionality.

ADrive provides only a few of the features we were looking for, including file sharing and scheduled backups. What it lacks is an event log and automatic, incremental backups. The service also limits the size of files you upload and it doesn’t have any mobile apps. You can still, however, access stored files from any internet connection.

While its overall feature set is rather unimpressive, ADrive does possess one unique, standout feature: its Zoho Editor. When accessing your stored files through the ADrive web interface, there’s no need to download files in order to edit them. The integrated editor allows you to make changes to documents directly in the interface. This alone makes the online storage service a great option if you plan on storing mostly text documents and may be accessing those documents from various computers.

Another standout area for ADrive is security. Like most of the online storage services we reviewed, this one places the utmost importance on security, ensuring your files are protected both during transit and while at rest. All file transfers are SSL-encrypted and your account is password protected to prevent unauthorized access. One of the most reassuring security features this service employs is geographical redundancy. This means the online storage service stores several copies of your data in different places. If something were to physically damage an ADrive facility, such as a natural disaster, your data would still be accessible on one of their servers in a different location.

The interface of ADrive is clean but sparse, and the service’s intuitive ease of use subsequently stems from the seemingly shallow functionality of the service – especially if you subscribe to the basic plan. We had no trouble navigating the service, and uploading files takes only a few minutes, though uploading entire folders will take considerably longer.

ADrive’s simplified usability is appreciated considering its limited support options. The company provides technical assistance via email, but not by telephone. It also has only a handful of online resources, including FAQs and community forums. Regarding the latter, you have to create a username before you’re even allowed to view the forums, something we find irritating and completely unnecessary.

ADrive Summary:

There’s no question that ADrive has a lot of room for improvement; it fails to deliver the same level of functionality as other online storage services and it surprisingly does not have any mobile apps. However, it does provide some value with its built-in editing feature and strong security measures.



A built-in editor allows you to edit documents without downloading them onto the computer you are using.

Lacking mobile apps and a site formatted for mobile devices, using the service on a mobile device can be inconvenient and cumbersome.

The Verdict
: 6.63/10

ADrive works well for storing data, but there are unquestionably better services on the market.