Box is a clean and sleek online storage service built for the purpose of collaboration, and it subsequently caters mostly to professional users. While other services in our lineup blend traditional backup with cloud storage, Box is exclusively the latter, providing file storage that is entirely web-based. While the service deserves high accolades for its streamlined and straightforward approach to cloud storage – even the least tech-savvy of users will quickly comprehend how to use the service – Box isn’t without a few glaring shortcomings.

Perhaps most glaring is the service’s storage space (or lack thereof). At nearly $10 a month, Box only delivers 25GB of space, which doesn’t amount to much, especially if you are a business user who stores everything online. For that cost, we’d like to see double the amount of space offered at the very least, especially considering some of the services in our lineup are comparable in price and provide unlimited space.

When it comes to features, Box is rich in file sharing but sparse on backup tools. You can easily share any of your files or folders, and even set permissions that dictate what recipients can do with those files, whether they can edit, delete or simply view. Since Box is web-based, there’s no desktop client to automatically back up computer files. This means you will have to manually upload all files to your account. Once they're uploaded, however, you can easily access those files through any internet connection.
For those seeking an online storage service that’s easy to use above all else, Box is hard to beat. It’s online interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Additionally, the online storage service boasts quick upload speeds and its entire upload process is comprised of just a few steps. Whether or not you have experience with online storage, Box is simple to figure out, especially since you don’t have to download anything locally.
When it comes to help and support, Box’s options aren’t as comprehensive as we hoped. It provides email addresses for press and media inquiries but none for support questions. You have to dig through the support page to find a contact form. The online storage service does, however, provide telephone support and ample text resources, including community forums and a FAQs section.

Box Summary:

Given its overall functionality and available storage plans, Box is ideal for two types of users: businesses with multiple users, and home users who don’t need a lot of storage space or supplementary features. If you fall under one of those two categories, Box can provide effective online storage that is incredibly easy to use.



Box boasts rich collaboration tools that allow you to share files, organize digital content and manage user access to stored data.

It lacks traditional backup capabilities; there’s no local client that can be used to back up specific files and folders on your desktop.

The Verdict
: 7.85/10

Box is best suited for users who need file syncing but not necessarily backup capabilities.