Carbonite is an easy-to-use online storage service that excels at making the complex and often tedious process of data backup simple and straightforward for the layman. Boasting fast and unlimited backup, Carbonite is a bit sparse in features but with this particular service, what you lose in functionality you gain in ease of use and storage space.

Carbonite is just one of a few online storage services we reviewed that provides completely unlimited storage space. If you are the type of person who backs up every single file on your computer, Carbonite is a good option because you can truly store as much data as you want. However, such an impressive offering isn’t without a few strings: the service’s plans are only annual, not month-to-month. This can be problematic if you don’t want to be tied down to the same service for a full year. Carbonite also only provides one computer per subscription. This means while you can access your saved files from any computer, you can only fully back up one computer under your Carbonite subscription.

When it comes to features, Carbonite offers very little beyond basic backup capabilities. The service allows you to schedule backups and initiate automatic incremental backups, meaning backups only occur if changes to existing files have been made or new files have been added. You can also upload any files of any size. What the service lacks is any file sharing capabilities and file versioning.

This online storage service installs quickly and is easy to use. After installation, you can back up data using the service’s sensible default or manually select the files and folders you want to store in the cloud. After that, the service pretty much runs itself. As easy as it is to use, Carbonite takes a while to upload files; it’s certainly not the slowest service we tested, but many of the higher-ranked services in our lineup can upload large files in a matter of minutes.

Carbonite posts quite a bit of information online in their FAQs, video tutorials and searchable knowledgebase. You can submit an email form for support with Carbonite, which will also give you access to telephone and chat support. Through the desktop interface you can also search topics and view tutorials. We were impressed with the extensive FAQs section. We didn't count the questions answered, but it covers several pages and is searchable. We used this section quite often and did not have a need to contact customer support for more information; all of our questions were answered in this section.

Carbonite Summary:

Carbonite provides a good backup and storage option for those that need a reasonably priced solution with unlimited storage and remote access. We would have liked to see a richer feature set, but the fact that the service runs itself and is incredibly easy to use makes it a viable competitor in the sphere of online storage services.



Carbonite boasts unlimited storage and an intuitive backup process apt for beginners and inexperienced users.

The service only offers annual plans, and no file versioning means you can’t access old versions of your saved files.

The Verdict
: 8.15/10

Carbonite is ideal for home users who want a simple and automatic online backup solution.