Dropbox was started under the premise that you should be able to access your files no matter what computer or device you are using. So began a small cloud service that has become one of the most popular online storage services on the market. In the case of Dropbox, popularity doesn’t necessarily equate to supremacy.

When it comes to available space, Dropbox leaves much to be desired in comparison to the other major players in online storage space. Its basic plan provides 100GB of space, a decent amount in and of itself, but not for the nearly $10 a month you’ll have to pay. Other file storage services we reviewed cost nearly as much but provided nearly twice the space, or in some cases, unlimited storage space.

Dropbox compensates for its lack of storage space with simplicity, its inarguable strong point. The service is remarkably clean, intuitive and refreshingly uncomplicated. Dropbox stands in stark contrast to other services in the market that are bulky and cumbersome to operate.

Given its ease of use, you’d think Dropbox would be scarce on features, but the service’s functionality fortunately doesn’t suffer as a result of its simplicity. In fact, the service boasts nearly every feature we sought after in online storage services including automatic backups, file sharing and file versioning. Dropbox also has exceptional security, using the latest SSL encryption technology, and just as it was originally designed to do, you can access your files from any internet connection.

Dropbox provides sufficient support options if you find yourself in need of assistance. A user guide can help you become familiar with the service, and an online knowledgebase serves as a useful troubleshooting resource. You can also contact the service directly via email or telephone. Beyond that, the service offers few additional options, and we would like to see live chat offered for pressing technical issues.

Dropbox Summary:

Buoyed by ease of use that few competitors can match, Dropbox delivers file synchronization that is as effortless as it is effective in backing up your files. Although the online storage service doesn’t provide as much storage space as we’d like to see, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more intuitive and seamless file storage tool.



Dropbox makes file synchronization easy for everyone and provides versatile file sharing and versioning.

We would like to see live chat offered for urgent technical issues.

The Verdict
: 8.65/10

If you’re looking for an intuitive, lightweight file storage service, you can’t go wrong with Dropbox.