PROS / Dropbox is excellent for syncing and sharing files between computers and other users. It is simple to create file folders and share them with others.

CONS / Compared to other cloud storage providers, Dropbox becomes expensive for larger amounts of space.

VERDICT / Dropbox is perfect for simple file sharing and syncing. Your files are well protected with password options and encryption. It is no surprise that Dropbox is a popular file-sharing option.

Dropbox was started under the premise that you should be able to access your files no matter what computer or device you are using. So began a small cloud service that has become one of the most popular online storage services on the market. In the case of Dropbox, though, popularity doesn't necessarily equate to supremacy.


This online file storage service helps you share files between computers and users easily with the Dropbox application for your mobile device or desktop. You can sync your files between any computer that uses the Dropbox icon by simply dragging and dropping your files to Dropbox. This gives you access to your files anywhere with an internet connection.

The selling point for Dropbox is certainly its simplicity. Other cloud storage providers have complicated user interfaces with many buttons and busy menus. Dropbox is quite the opposite, offering an unsophisticated, intuitive interface that novice users of online data storage will embrace.

You can share your files with other users by creating a share file or folder. This allows you and others to exchange files by accessing the same folder. You can add as much security to your files as you need by password-protecting folders you share.

Though it is simple to use, this service still takes securing your stored data seriously. All of your files are encrypted when you upload them and stay encrypted as they are stored. Dropbox keeps your files stored on separate servers as well, which is called geographic redundancy. This ensures that if anything ever happens to one of the locations, such as an earthquake, your information will be stored elsewhere.

When it comes to available space, Dropbox leaves much to be desired in comparison to the other major players in online storage space. Its basic plan provides 100GB of space, a decent amount in and of itself, but not for the high monthly fee. Other file storage services we reviewed provide nearly twice the space for the same price, or in some cases, unlimited storage space. We're disappointed that the per-gigabyte cost for the 500GB plan is the same as the 100GB option. Most services lower the cost per gigabyte when you purchase a larger plan.

Dropbox provides a step-by-step guide to get you started with the application. This includes a tour of the application, how to install and how to invite others to use the service. This online file storage program is compatible with all operating systems.


For file sharing and syncing, you would be hard pressed to find a service easier to use than Dropbox. Its user-friendly interface encourages novice users to store files online. For overall storage space, Dropbox isn’t as expansive and is more expensive than other cloud storage providers. If your main priority is sharing smaller files between computers, Dropbox is a good choice.