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PROS / OpenDrive doesn’t put a cap on large file uploads. You can upload huge files without breaking them up or compressing them.

CONS / Data storage is not geo-redundant; the service does not store your information in two separate locations to protect your information from natural disasters.

VERDICT / OpenDrive is an easy-to-use cloud storage provider. Its applications are supported across almost all operating platforms, so you can access your information from virtually anywhere.

Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available. The service provider now offers the following features: Forum & Knowledgebase. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Online Storage Services Review reviews.

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While all online storage services offer the same basic storage options, OpenDrive allows you access from any web-connected device. OpenDrive is compatible with iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and Android devices. That means if you need to pull up a chart to show a client during lunch, you can do so from a mobile device.

Uploading data is easy. Simply select the files you wish to store, then drag and drop them into your account. We are impressed with how easy the user interface is to use, especially considering OpenDrive's ability to preview videos, pictures and even DICOM images without a viewer. The business plan includes the OpenDrive Manual Backup service. With this service, OpenDrive can send you a secure 1.5TB drive that you can upload your data onto and return. This is particularly useful if you have upload-quantity restrictions with your ISP.

This web storage provider is one of the few within our online storage reviews that genuinely offers unlimited data storage for a low monthly cost. Along with unlimited file storage, OpenDrive has unlimited file size uploading. None of your files will be too big to upload into this online storage service. You can also customize your storage plan, choosing how much storage and bandwidth you need.

All files are transferred with 128-bit SSL encryption, and OpenDrive employs its own custom encryption to protect the data on its servers. OpenDrive's data centers are under constant surveillance, and the servers are located in limited-access, controlled environments. The company doesn’t store information in two or more locations, otherwise known as geo-redundant storage. This means if a natural disaster damages the data center, your information could be lost.

If you participate in the business storage plan, you have flexible administrator privileges, such as the ability to set your data to individual, group or public access, and you can restrict which IP addresses are able to access your data.


Our cloud storage comparison concludes that OpenDrive has affordable, unlimited data plans to be competitive in a tough online marketplace. Its file sharing and syncing application can be used with virtually every smartphone provider, giving you access to your uploaded files anywhere. OpenDrive is a smart choice for your online storage needs.

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